How to Make the Perfect Coffee

image It's no secret that we love coffee here at Paper Meets Pearl! It was a no brainer decision to dedicate our feature today on our favorite topic, coffee! We've teamed up with Atlas Coffee Club, a subscription coffee service, to break down the essential way to maximize your coffee including a killer cold brew recipe that'll rock your socks!

P is never far away from coffee!

For us, the French press is the best way to brew coffee. It is one of my absolute favorite ways to brew coffee, so much so that it's become a Sunday tradition in our house. I love how it's a slow process so the coffee has plenty of time to brew before it's ready to be poured. Typically while we wait for the coffee to be pressed, we make a delicious breakfast. Our go to recently has been a fresh veggie omelette with an orange or an apple on the side. 

We're a healthy bunch of people. 

But brewing coffee slowly to me is almost like a therapy. It also helps when your coffee smells amazing like ours from Atlas Coffee Club. One of my favorites things is how they deliver coffee from around the world to your door. 

That's right coffee lovers. They deliver! 

As we blended the beans the aroma was intense and flavorful. It only got better from there as we added hot water to our French press. 

Y'all, waiting was so incredibly difficult. 

The Indonesian coffee we tried was absolutely heavenly. It's easily my go-to coffee these mornings and the flavor is to die for. If you love earthy yet floral notes in your coffee, this is the one for you. If the aroma doesn't wake you up, wait until that first delightful sip. It'll awaken your senses and mind to how amazing Indonesian coffee is. 

Thanks to P for being my handsome model for the morning.

Now that we're moving into the hotter months in Charleston, seriously there is no spring here, I've started gravitating back to cold brews in the morning. I still love a good, hot cup of coffee every day but during the day it just gets too warm for something that hot. So we've whipped up a delicious alternative to beat the heat! If you love honey and cold brew coffee, you're going to love this recipe. It only takes a few minutes to make each morning and you can even make it the night before. 

It's cold, sweet, and refreshing. What more could you want from coffee (aside from endless energy!)? 

Milk + Honey Cold Brew Latte


1/4 cup of cold brew concentrate 

1 cup of cold milk

2 tsp of honey, melted


  1. Pour the cold brew into your cup of choice
  2. In a separate small glass, pour your cold milk. While stirring the milk with a spoon, pour the warm honey and stir quickly until the honey has dissolved.
  3. NOTE: It is tempting to pour the honey into the coffee and milk already mixed. However, the honey does not dissolve as well into the coffee as it does in the milk.
  4. Drink chilled and enjoy. Preferably with a delicious treat!

What do you think of Atlas Coffee Club, would you want to order some? I highly recommend their product! It's delightful plus who doesn't love delivered coffee? 

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! 

Photography +  Styling: Kelly Harrold // Coffee: Atlas Coffee Club // Linen: Turkish Towels //  French Press: Bodum 

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