Master Bedroom Reveal

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I'm so excited to share the newest installment in our home reveal series, our master bedroom! Our master bedroom was one of the rooms that was both excited a little nervous about decorating. It's a much larger space than we've ever had for a bedroom, thanks to living in one-bedroom or studio apartments for the last three years. So needless to say, going from a studio to have a huge master bedroom was amazing! But filling the space? That's a whole other story!

Thankfully, if there's one thing that I had already decided on was our bedding. I wanted to stick with neutral colors and add in a touch of color so it's not all one shade of grey. I'm so guilty of gravitating towards grey and white, I thought P was going to kill me if I kept using that color palate!

I also wanted bedding that was contemporary and made from organic materials. I've talked extensively on here before about living life with organic materials and to purchase and eat things with mindfulness in mind. That mentality definitely extended into our bedding. I also want to create a space that was relaxing and a place to retreat after a long day. 

Honestly, I think we've got it! 


The pillows were my absolute favorite and I knew that I had to have them! I love the neutral tones and how they add a touch of boho flair to our bedroom. The macrame details on the pillows are just to die for!

And that shag pillow? I don't want to play favorites, but it's definitely my favorite pillow! 

They're incredibly soft and unique. P asks repeatedly why we have to have so many pillows on the bed. I don't think men will ever understand the power of the pillow!

It makes our bed look so inviting and the pale pink Euro sham pillows add more dimension and pop of color to the bedding. They're incredibly soft and I love how I sink into them when watching T.V.  


Best of all is the duvet cover. It's lightweight, not restrictive when I sleep, and I love the delicate pattern across it. It's the perfect pale shade of grey that compliments anything that it's paired with! I love having soft sheets and a duvet cover when I'm sleeping. I essentially like to be cocooned into a burrito. 

We actually have a term for this in our house. Whenever I'm wrapped up in bed, we call it burrito-ing. No joke. 

And I must say, this duvet is definitely burrito worthy! 

I'm so pleased with how our room turned out and I think all the items by CStudio Home helped bring my dream into a reality! 

There are still a few things that I want to accomplish with this room, so it's not complete just yet! I would still like to paint the walls and to purchase a headboard to help fill the space above the bed. After tackling so many other paint projects around the house, P refuses to help me paint any other walls for the time being! 

Duvet Cover / Euro Shams / Macrame Pillow / Tassel Pillow / Shag Pillow

Photography: Abby Murphy

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