My Daily Beauty Routine

My Daily Beauty Routine - Get Ready in 15 Minutes or Less! Getting ready every morning can be the biggest struggle for anyone. Not only do you have to drag yourself out of your warm bed but you've got to shower, do your hair, makeup, and get dressed! How in the world can you do all of these things and still eat breakfast and get to work on time? You'd have to wake up at dawn to get it all done!

Well that's not totally necessary babes because I'm going to show you my daily beauty routine! You know what's really cool? It takes me less than fifteen minutes each morning to get my makeup done, even less because I don't always use blush or lipstick. You'll only need a couple of beauty tools to accomplish this easy, natural look.

Step 1:

I typically start with my face. All you need is the Elf Highlighter (which is the BOMB for a drug store purchase) and blush. Begin by making a kissing face, the only way to apply cheek makeup, and place a line of highlighter on each cheek. Blend into your cheekbones and then apply a light amount of blush to your cheekbones.

Step 2:

Liquid eyeliner can get kind of crazy but I've got a super easy way to apply it. Take your liquid eyeliner and lay it horizontal along your eye. As you apply the eyeliner, keep your hand steady and don't apply too much pressure. This should give you an even, straight line along your eyelashes. I typically flick mine upwards for a subtle cat eye look. Finish by giving your eyelashes a couple coats of mascara. The Mary Kay mascara is one of my favorites! It never clumps and makes my eyelashes go from blah to wow in just a few coats.

Step 3:

Pucker up baby! Throw on your favorite shade of lipstick - in this case it's Covergirl Fairytale for me - and you're good to go!

These are the only steps that I take every morning to get ready. I've never been one to have a lot of makeup on and like that bright, natural look best! It's perfect for the office and can be easily transformed for a night out or happy hour drinks with coworkers by putting on different lipstick. Usually if I have plans to go out after work I try to reapply my liquid eyeliner to give my eyes a little more dramatic look.

What do you think of this natural beauty routine? You can obviously add a little more to it but this routine is perfect for those mornings where you've got to get up, get out, and conquer the world you girl boss! What's your favorite beauty tools to use? I'm a sucker for drug store buys and splurging on luxury lipsticks (that's between us ladies, P doesn't need to know!).

I'm still getting over my bout of bronchitis so bear with me on the lack of outfit posts! We'll be back to it as soon as I can tear myself away from my pajamas and don't cough every two seconds!