How to Plan Your Blog Content

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Today in Blogging 101 we're going to talk about the next big thing for your blog. Blog content! We talked last week about the importance of blogging consistently and how it can help grow your blog. So you're motivated, ready to go, but how do you come up with content so you can blog consistently? We each have our own method and ways of doing so but I'm going to let you in on my personal method.

Carry a Notebook! 

There's no telling when you may have a light bulb moment for some seriously awesome content, so why let the opportunity slip away? We've all tried the 'I'll remember later' trick but it never works. If you don't want to carry a notebook, that's totally fine! I don't always either so I resort to my notes app on my iPhone. On there I have a running list broken down by category (yes, I am crazy specific!). That way whenever I have a great idea for a styled shoot, lifestyle post, or even an outfit, I can quickly jot it down so I won't forget.  Easy peasy!


I'm not ashamed to say that I do resort to Pinterest for some inspiration every now and then. It's an amazing site that can really trigger some cool ideas! If I'm planning a styled shoot, I love to see if others have either created a shoot like it before (which if not, awesome!) and if so, how they did certain things. I definitely encourage you to look at Pinterest for help when planning content!

Editorial Calendar

You guys, I'll never stop saying it. You need an editorial calendar! As you go along with planning and creating your content you're going to need a way to track it. Find your own method and stick to it. I've written a very detailed explanation on why and how to set up an editorial calendar here. Having an editorial calendar helps me plan content effectively and efficiently. No more headaches of what and when I should publish!

Track Analytics

Now you've planned your content and you're ready to rock n' roll with it. Great! But don't hit publish just yet. Take a deeper look into your website analytics. When does your website receive the heaviest amount of traffic? When is your audience most engaged with your blog? It will differ from person to person but I always shoot for the mornings or evenings because I've noticed people checking in more often. Find that blogging sweet spot and post there!

Talk to Others

One way that we come up with content here at PMP is talking! Shocker! And trust me, we've come up with some hair brained ideas! Talking to others is a great way to go over ideas, see what works, doesn't, and go over the logistics of a shoot.

What do you do when you're planning your blog content? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!