What I'm Wearing: Rainy Day

If there's one thing I love about my neutral wardrobe is that it's always in style, no matter the season. Even with all this crazy weather we've been having, it's been easy for me to dress for work, media events, or just grabbing cocktails with my girlfriends. If there's one thing I've always advocated for here on PMP is neutral pieces. Trust me, it makes your life SO much easier! 

Another favorite of mine lately to wear is my little handbag from Urban Expressions. A girlfriend of mine was complimenting it the other day and delightfully pointed out that it looks just like a YSL bag. I'll take that (and for a fraction of the price too!). I love this bag, not only due to its neutrality, but the bag is 100% vegan leather. As a vegetarian and animal advocate, wearing items that are made from vegan leather is incredibly important to me. 

Wearing: Jacket (Old Navy) / Sweater (Forever21 ) / Jeans (Lucky Brand) / Sandals (Oka-B) / Purse (Urban Expressions) / Sunglasses (Nora NYC)

Even with all this crazy weather though, I can't deny that it's sandal season! If you're like me, I love boots but I'm happy to finally put them away for the year. It's time to break out the cute pedicures ladies! I love how this entire outfit is pulled together with my black and gold sandals from Oka-B.

They are seriously the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn. No joke! I'm usually running around at work and I need a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and cute. I wore these all around on Second Sunday last week and NEVER got a blister. For those that wear shoes without breaking them in first, that's a BIG deal! 

Well guess what, because I love Oka-B's shoes so much, you can take 20% off your first order with code OKABPEARL20. You can't just beat that kind of deal! 

If I can pass along any helpful tips for staying cute and dry this rainy season just follow these simple rules: 

  1. Always keep an umbrella on hand!
  2. Throw on a light weight jacket for those chilly mornings and a light blouse for warm afternoons. 
  3. Wear shoes that are water proof! No one likes soggy shoes. 
  4. Keep a hairband near by in case the humidity kicks in. My hair always gets crazy!
  5. Don't let a little bit of rain ruin your day :). 

What's your go to rainy day outfit? Do you have any tips for staying cute and dry for rainy days? Let me know in the comments!