Save a Life for Pet Helpers

A little background about my shelter: We are called Pet Helpers and was founded in 1978 and established ourselves as the first no kill shelter in the Lowcountry. Pretty amazing right? It gets even better; we were founded by a single woman with the mission to save all adoptable dogs and cats from euthanasia. Since our founding in 1978, we've gone on to save thousands of animal lives and I've never worked for a better organization. Every day I walk away feeling proud of the help I'm providing not only to our animals but also to our community. So Liz, of Charleston Weekender, myself, and other local Charleston bloggers, have teamed up yet again for another great cause: to raise money for Pet Helpers through fashion!

We have teamed up with Bonfire Funds to design a shirt that is currently for sale and 100% of the proceeds will go towards Pet Helpers' life saving mission. That's right, 100% of funds from a very cute shirt will go towards saving a life! How cool is that? I love my weekender shirt and proud to wear it when I'm running errands, at work, or even around the house. It reminds me that this shirt isn't just another piece in my wardrobe, it actually helped save a life. 

Let me put this in perspective for you. It costs us roughly $20 a day per animal to run our shelter. That amounts to roughly $160,000 a month to keep our operations going. That includes food, medical, and any special needs our animals require. By buying a shirt from Bonfire Funds, you're helping save a life. And that's something worth sharing! 

Wearing: Shirt (Bonfire Funds) // Shirt (Loft) // Shoes (BCBG) 

Shaka's Wearing: Bow Tie (Charleston Krewe)

Photography: Jennifer Collins

So how does my sweet baby Shaka play into all this? Well she too was a dog at Pet Helpers. I saw her the day she arrived at our shelter via an owner surrender and knew that I had to have her. My heart just knew that she was the dog for me and P did too once he met her. It was literally love at first sight. Since then she has been the apple of our eyes and even though she has her naughty moments (puppy life!), I wouldn't change it for the world. 

You can purchase one of our shirts here but don't wait! These shirts are only around for a limited time and that ends on October 31. I'd love to raise $1000 for my shelter and I know that we can do it.