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Can you believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner?! I feel like January just trickled by and February is moving forward, full speed ahead! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Call me a sap, but I just love the idea of taking an extra day out of the year to spread a little more love to the people in your life. It's not just reserved for your significant other but for everyone in your life! 

Each year, P and I love to go out and enjoy a nice dinner at one of the wonderful local restaurants in Charleston. But just because Valentine's Day falls on a week day doesn't mean you can't still glam it up! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite, and possibly sexiest, looks that you can easily wear for Valentine's Day! 

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I absolutely adore this slinky and sexy velvet dress from Shein! It's the perfect color to wear for Valentine's Day and I love how beautiful it looks on. It flows so well and I feel like a 1920s starlet when I wear it! It's the perfect demure yet sexy look for Valentine's Day! 

P was definitely a fan. 

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I like to tone down some looks like this a little bit so I threw on my new leather jacket that's embroidered with flowers. How cool is this jacket?! It makes any outfit just a little bit edgier. 

Spring is slowly starting to make its way into Charleston but it's still so chilly during the evenings! This leather jacket has been a savior and it keeps me so warm! 

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One of my favorite parts of this dress is the thigh high slit in the front of the dress. You don't necessarily see it when you're standing but when you sit down or walk, suddenly its va-va-voom! It's a great way to sly show off your legs! 

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What do you like to wear for Valentine's Day? I'll be sharing more sweet looks for the upcoming holiday! From laid back cool to pink and flirty, I'll be covering all the types of outfits you can wear on this special holiday! 

Photography: Nicole Mickle

Wearing: Dress / Jacket (similar) / Suit

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