Shop with Madora

Introducing Madora! Madora is a new app that allows you to shop gorgeous shoes, bags, and accessories right from your phone. Say goodbye to driving to the mall and battling crowds! The app is incredibly easy to use and the shoes, my goodness the shoes, are amazing! Each pair of shoes are under $50 and are immaculately made. I always need to break in my new heels but these were already so comfortable that I could wear them straight from the box and out to a date with P! 

I'm going to go ahead and break the news to you ladies, you're not going to just want to buy one pair of shoes! I wanted to purchase so many adorable pairs! The app is incredibly user friendly and you can narrow down your results by picking out colors, heel size, and shoe material. Of course I had to go with a cute pair of grey heels! Can you believe that I didn't already have a pair in my closet? 

Photography: Jennifer Collins

I love the red sole of these shoes too, they remind me of  Louboutins! Trust me, Madora is going to be your new favorite place to shop for shoes and accessories, just in time for the holidays! There's nothing worse than shopping during the holidays so save yourself some time (and headaches!) by shopping from the Madora app. I know I'll be purchasing some shoes for my mom this Christmas. 

What's one of your favorite shopping apps to use? Have you ever used Madora? Let me know in the comments below!