Spotlight on: 492 King

For the past week we had the pleasure of hosting P's family in town and got to experience some of the many fabulous bars and restaurants Charleston has to offer. On Monday night we got to try the latest restaurant, 492 King, located in the Upper King District and the hype for this restaurant was incredible. Now I've been following the construction of 492 King for some time now. The restaurant is around the corner from the law school library so each day that I drove over to either visit P with a surprise coffee or pick him up late at night, I got to see what used to be an old department clothing store building transform into a modern piece of architecture that is completely different from the standard Charleston aesthetic. 492 King

We started off the evening with delicious cocktails and locally crafted brews. I went with the Arnold Palmero, a refreshing and not too sweet cocktail that had a little sour kick to it. A great start to the evening's food festivities 492 King

The menu featured some fantastic dishes that are meant to be shared with a group. Thankfully we all brought our appetites and ordered several plates. Of course with P and I being vegetarians, the menu was very friendly and even the meat based dishes looked incredible. P's parents ordered the Whipped Salt Cod Crostini which was actual whipped fish. Amazing!

492 King

The first round of dishes we ordered was the Beet Tartar and Broccoli Salad. By far, the beet tartar was my favorite! It was creamy, light and a little bit sweet to off set the usual raw taste of beets. Now I'm a huge fan of beets and this dish just took my love to a whole new level! The broccoli salad was also a light fun dish with a light Vietnamese dressing that was unbelievably tasty. Even if you go for cocktails and a light appetizer before heading to another place, definitely try the beet tartar! I will definitely try and recreate this recipe at home!

492 King

You can see where I cleaned my plate of the beet tartar!

492 King

Up next for the final course was the Geechie Boy Grits and Burnt Rye Tonnarelli and my goodness was it amazing. Now I'm not the biggest fan of grits. I know, I'm from the South and even I don't like grits. And I love food! But these bad boys were absolutely divine. The grits were loaded with my favorite mushrooms, Mempkin Abbey Shiitakes, rye crumbles and butter beans. It was light, flavorful, and rich. Heavenly. Now the Burnt Rye Tonnarelli was really interesting. The bartender informed us that tonnarelli is a thicker cut of spaghetti, so we assumed it would be a plate of spaghetti with some toppings. We were so very wrong, and instead completely surprised! They artfully twisted the tonnarelli into a long tube, topped it with the burnt rye and egg yolk mixture and baked. It was crunchy and full of this amazing flavor that I can't even describe!

We were so full that we didn't even make it to ordering dessert! We will definitely be back soon for a cocktail and dessert, especially now that P is done with law school! We can finally resume a somewhat normal lifestyle until studying for the bar begins. All the details within the restaurant were incredible, even all the way down to the napkins and silverware used. I kept wanting to know where the plates came from! If you're ever in Charleston or a local, be sure to stop in 492 King for an evening in one of the most beautiful and hottest restaurants in town. Make sure to grab a cocktail or two at their gorgeous bar or maybe step outside in the courtyard and soak up some sun underneath a couple of palm trees.

If you'd like to find out more about 492 King or make a reservation (I recommend doing so!), you can do so here.

Tell me your thoughts! Would you want to try 492 King and if so, what would you order? I promise, this is not a place to miss!

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