Must Try Spring Table Settings

I know that it certainly doesn't feel like it lately but spring is right around the corner! I'm not kidding, I've been counting down the days, I can't stand this cold weather any longer! Winter is such a bittersweet time for me because I often feel tired and lethargic but my creativity really starts to ramp up. What's a girl to do! So in anticipation of the arrival of springtime, I've rounded up my favorite spring table settings to try this season. Because even though it's freezing outside that doesn't  mean your home has to lack color and most importantly, flowers!


Cedar Wood WeddingsQ Avenue Photo // Sunday Suppers, Karen Mordechai

If you're not ready to tackle lots of color just yet, setting your table with soft palates and dainty flowers and branches may be your best bet. It's like you're saying to your home, "wake up, but let's be peaceful about it". Then in a month when life is starting to blossom outside, you can hit your dining table with an explosion of flowers, colorful linens, and zesty dishes. Minimalist table settings are one of my personal favorites because you can easily walk into you backyard and collect small flowers that are starting to grow and outfit your table with pillars of white candles. You just can't beat that level of simplicity.

Color Explosion

Style Me Pretty, Paper Antler // Style Me Pretty Living, Kate Anfinson Photography  // Mary Costa Photography

If you're ready for your house to wake up, you're going to love these colorful table settings! These spring table settings are all about powerful punches of color that'll have you motivated every day and walking with a skip to your step. The keys to creating a gorgeous colorful spring table setting is keeping the base simple and letting the flowers do the talking. You can go simple with small vases of your favorite flowers (Trader Joe's is an excellent place for beautiful yet affordable flowers) or go all in with one color and accent with similar colors. I personally love the third one with its inclusion of colorful dishes and silverware for a powerful but balanced look.


Tide Water & Tulle  ;Eye Captures// La Mariee en Colere // Style Me Pretty, Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

All my rustic, Southern girls please raise your hand! This spring table setting is perfect for you because, like you, it's dainty, simple, and oozes class. I'm not saying Southern women are dainty, simple creatures (hello, I am Southern!) but this spring table setting brings out everything that is perfect about Southern women. So break out your mason jars, scoop up some roses and baby's breath, throw down some parchment paper or lace table cloth and you've got the perfect table setting.

Plant Lover

By Stephanie Lynn // 100 Layer Cake, Chloe More Photography // Romance Weddings 

If you're like me and drowning in a sea of plants every day (we have 3 tree inside our house now) you need to make sure your plants get lots of sunshine and love. What better way to take care of your plants than to have them as a centerpiece? Take various sizes of succulents, cacti, and flowers to create an interesting spring table setting. I love how 100 Layer Cake utilized a terrarium to house their center piece. Get creative with it too! You can simply leave them out on the table or wrap them in burlap to keep with a more rustic charm.


Dimples and Tangles // The Perfect Palate // Ruffled, Nine Photography

If you don't like to shy away from color and bold patterns, you'll love these spring table settings! Break away from winter's whites and grays and fill your home with bold colors and patterns that'll brighten your day and your amaze your guests. You can keep the palate simple by having a plan table runner and emphasize with bold flowers and napkins. Don't contain your wild side, let it out and express it through your table setting!

This spring turn your dining room from blah into glam with one of these spring table settings. It'll make your home feel more inviting, turn dinner parties into regular parties, and bring a smile to your face when you see all those gorgeous colors every day. So chase away the winter blues and bring in the spring!

Do you like these spring table settings? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!