Summer Happy Hour

Dress in Your Best Nautical Attire 

You can't be on a boat without dressing in your best nautical attire! Throw on your favorite white pants, striped tops, and anything chambray and you'll be ready to celebrate a beautiful summer happy hour. I absolutely loved our nautical outfits from Southern Proper. Make sure to pack a hat though! I always get terrible hat hair (hence my fishtail braid!) so I always make sure to pack a cute hat. Our CHS Aviate hats were the perfect addition to our nautical outfits.  

You can't throw the perfect summer happy hour without a cute bag to pack everything in! Our Southern Proper bag was the perfect size to hold our Turkish Towel, One Hope wine, cups, and other bar accessories as we made our way to the boats. 

Just because you'll be enjoying your happy hour on a boat doesn't mean you can't still accessorize! Throw on some simple yet cute pieces to complete your outfit. I wore some delightful pineapple earrings (because of course!), a delicate ruby red ring, and a simple necklace. Amp up your outfit by throwing on some amazingly cool shades from See and you're ready to party!

Create an Adult Picnic  

You can't enjoy a perfect summer happy hour without a picnic! We packed some simple peaches from our local farmer's market to snack on as we enjoyed the sunset. You can bring anything you want but make sure to pack a comfy towel like Liz's Turkish Towel! We've had her towels on here quite a bit but I'm just such a fan of them. They're incredibly comfortable, soft, and are perfect for a picnic, trip to the beach, or laying out at the park with friends. 

Pour some Rose! 

Complete your summer happy hour by popping some delicious rose wine! We paired our One Hope rose wine with a seltzer to make it lighter and even more refreshing. Now all you have to do is relax, eat some delicious treats, and take in the gorgeous sunset! 

How do you throw your perfect summer happy hour? We'd love to hear in the comments! 

Photography: Jennifer Collins //  Co-Stylist: Liz Martin // Southern Proper Clothing: Sleeveless BlouseScalloped SkirtShoes //  Turkish Towel: Charleston Weekender //  Sunglasses: See Eyewear // Hats: Aviate Brand // Jewelry: Gold Creations // Tray, Ice Bucket, Clutch, Cups: Open Door Shop