Summer Nights in Blue

Those hot summer nights, goodness do I love them! But what I don't love is the how hot and sweaty I get from standing outside for two minutes! Y'all, the summer struggle is so real here! Thankfully I've got a multitude of ways to combat the heat in Charleston. I feel like my skin and body have physically changed in the past three years to live in this hot and humid enivornment! 

Thankfully since living in Charleston, I've come up with some creative ways to keep cool as the temperatures soar into the high-90s. I live, breathe, and love maxi dresses! I wasn't a fan for the longest time because I thought that they made me look short (I'm only 5'6"). I have changed my tune this year after I realized that anyone can look good in a maxi dress! I know, I'm a little late to this piece of information but I'm a die hard maxi dress fan now. I own quite a few and this gorgeous blue maxi dress from Styledwell is another great maxi dress! It's cool, lightweight, and feels effortless to wear. You can easily style it to go out for dinner or throw it on after a day at the beach. 

Now that's my favorite kind of clothing, duel purpose! 

I love how the blue just makes everything pop and it looks so gorgeous when it flows in the wind. I kept things simple with my new favorite heels from JustFab and tassel necklace. Cause everyday I'm tassel'! These brown heels were such a steal from JustFab, I've loved their site for years and can find the cutest shoes on there! I can't go on too often or I'll wind up with too many in my closet! I kind of can't wait for fall to arrive so I can wear them with jeans and a cute top. I've been wishing for fall weather lately but I know I shouldn't! I'll miss summer when it's gone in October and we go into our two weeks of winter! 

What's your favorite clothes to wear to beat the heat? Other than maxi dresses, I'm usually wearing short dresses or rompers, and believe it or not, silk pants! I know that sounds insane but silk pants really are a savior in the summer heat as well! 

I'd love to hear what you wear in the summertime, leave your comments below!

Wearing: Dress / Shoes
Photography: Larry Sanders