The Best Summer Pool Floats

Pineapple //Popcorn // Unicorn // Gummy Bear // Pretzel // Flamingo // Watermelon // Black Swan // Emoji

Summer is upon us and I couldn't be more excited! If you're like me, the floatie fever has completely taken control of your shopping habits and I'm not ashamed! I'm a huge fan of floaties (you can see so on my Instagram) and it just makes summer better.  As if summer already wasn't amazing, let's go ahead and throw in a few fun pool floaties to get the party started! I've rounded up some of my favorite pool floaties on the blog today and they're all under $100! So splurge, treat yo' self, and get that floatie you've always dreamed up! 

I'm so tempted to purchase one of the swan or flamingo ones for this summer, sadly though, since we've moved into a studio apartment, it's hard to store them. But that doesn't mean I can't still have a floatie! Cup floaties are all the rage right now as well and they add that pop of fun to your pool party and can easily be stored post-bash. If you're addicted to Target like myself, because who am I kidding? Everyone is addicted to Target. They have pineapple shaped cup floaties for only $3! It's in their dollar stop section and I highly recommend purchasing some before they run out this summer. They also have a variety of other floaties in their summer section like the good ol' standard doughnut. 

What's your favorite floatie for summer? Mine has to be the swan, it's just too regal and cool! Leave yours in the comments below!