Summer Solstice with Whisk Juice

Happy Summer Solstice! Ok, so it was technically Sunday, and it's already felt like summer here for quite some time in Charleston, but now it's OFFICIAL! And to ring in the start of summer, I've collaborated with Whisk Juice, located on Meeting Street, to create a delicious and healthy juice to keep you hydrated all summer long! This has to be by far, one of my favorite collaborations (not to mention delicious!) Let me introduce you to the Summer Solstice juice; comprised of watermelon, cucumber, pear, spinach, basil and a twist of lime, it's sure to keep you going in this heat. Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0040 Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0035

We started the day off trying out four variations of the same recipe until we got the right combination. It was such a fun process (not to mention tasty) trying all the different ways until we got the right juice. It took a little trial and error, but with all great things, it was perfect in the end.


Blending in the basil until it was a gorgeous shade of green


After a few tries and we had found the winning combination did Savannah have the excellent idea of throwing in a couple of basil leaves. And I have to tell you, I was a little wary of the addition but it really makes the juice just POP! The basil along with the lime juice really just adds that extra summery taste that we were trying to achieve. I could drink this juice all day!

Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0065 Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0018

Trying out our new juice (and check out that winged eye liner!)

Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0068 Whisk_Blog_Morning_20150618_0073All photographs by J Walker Photography 

Savannah and I posing with our new juice child!

If you live in the Charleston area you've got to stop in and get one of the Summer Solstice juices! It's refreshing, healthy, and best of all, will keep you hydrated while walking around in the heat. Thanks to Whisk for letting me be a part of this collaboration!

What do you think of the juice? Would you want to try it? Let me know in the comments!

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