Tea Party Style

Spring is only a few short weeks away and to celebrate, I'm sharing Shop Ruche's gorgeous lookbook from 2013. It may have been shot 3 years ago, but the gorgeous pastel colors, bowties, and style still ring true for any spring look today. Plus who doesn't love delicious cakes, macaroons, and bunnies?

How delicious do all these cakes look?

Tea Party Style

I truly believe that a tea party isn't complete without bunnies.

Looking at this tea party shoot is making me want spring to hurry up and arrive and to throw my own tea party! With spring coming up, would you want to throw a tea party? What delicious treats would you provide for your guests?

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Photographer: Stephanie Williams Photography / Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp / Ruche Stylist: Mara Gillette / Furniture Rental: Found Vintage / Cakes: Sweet and Saucy Shop / Bunnies: Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.) / Models: Hollie and Ollie