The Perfect Bar Cart

I'll admit it, I'm a big fan of bar carts. They're cute, functional, great space savers, plus who doesn't like a little 60's vibe in their home? You may remember that last year I completely revamped an old bar cart I found at Goodwill into a masterpiece. Really, go check it out, it's pretty awesome.

See how cool that was?! Well today I'm going to show you all the bar cart necessities that you need to make your bar cart the hottest place in your house.

Finding the Right Bar Cart

I truly believe that you can't just pick any piece of furniture for your home. You've got to find that one that speaks to your style, taste, and will fit into your home with ease. So don't just rush out and find the next best thing for  your bar cart. Take time finding one that you'll be proud to serve guests from! Here are some of  my favorite choices!

Stock 'er Up!

First things first, you're going to need some good ol' fashioned booze to outfit this bar cart. We have two kind of bars set up in our house, one for wine and the other for liquors, mixers, and glasses. My favorites to have in our bar cart is Virgil Caine (yum), various rums, Cathead vodka (my personal favorite!), and gin. All of these are great staple liquors to have for the many cocktails you'll be having after creating your bar cart.

Photo: The Every GirlBrit & Co

What type of liquor and mixers you want to feature on your bar cart is totally up to you! You can keep things classy with a couple bottles of choice gin, vodka, and bourbon to mix up the classics, or you can go masculine and include all kinds of brandies, whiskies, or bourbons to your cart. The Every Girl and Brit & Co did an excellent job showing how versatile your cart can be!


Being the simple gal that I am, I don't like a lot of items cluttering my bar cart. However, one of the absolute things I need on my bar cart is a cute bowl to catch all of our keys and a couple of sweet decorative items that hold a special meaning to us. For me, that's a cute pineapple I found with P one day and a vintage set of bar tools that his mom gave us one year. When it comes to bar carts, you're going to want to keep the top area clear as much as possible so you can mix all your cocktails in one location.

Ehow and The Office Stylist have got the right idea!


If there's one absolute must for a bar cart is tools! In order to create a delicious cocktail, make sure you have everything you need. I love the below graphic from Design Love Fest. This easy to understand guide is everything you'll need to whip up a drink and impress any guest you have in your home. Plus, how darling are some of these tools?

Love this tutorial by DesignLoveFest!


Last, but not least, let's talk about glassware. Now there's a lot out there but you only need five key pieces for your bar cart. Beer, wine, hi-ball, old fashioned, and champagne flutes. You can also add in speciality ware too if you please. I personally love having copper mules on hand as well as flight glasses for when you only want to try a beer. Now if you want to strictly keep a liquor bar cart, you only need to keep the hi-balls, old fashioned, and copper mule glasses. How simple is that?

Great guide from DesignLoveFest; Love these copper mugs.

That's all you need to create the perfect bar cart! Below I've rounded up some links to some seriously good cocktails so you can start becoming a master!

Did I miss anything that you'd like to see on a bar cart? Let me know in the comments!


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