Top Podcasts for Bloggers

These days I juggle a lot of different jobs that keep me busy and on the go most of my days. If I'm not sitting at my desk working as a marketing and social media manager, I'm out on the streets pulling clothes from shops, consistently building my client list, and blogging for Paper Meets Pearl. So where do I find the time to keep growing and building my brand? Sure, I read lots of how-to's and articles on how to make things better (I'm currently obsessed with growing my Pinterest!), but these things take time that I sometimes don't have. So to keep learning and understanding what makes a brand better, I resort to podcasts. Podcasts are perfect because you can download them straight to your iPhone and listen to them without using your data plan plus they're easily accessible and constantly updating. When you see me running around with my headphones in, you can almost always guarantee that I've got a podcast on. Today I'm going to share my favorite ones that not only keep me motivated and learning but also those that allow me to take that thirty minute to hour break to laugh and have fun. 1. The Lively Show


The Lively Show by blogger Jess Lively does more than just speak about encouraging entrepreneurs and bloggers. She speaks about living an intentional life and providing helpful insights and interviews with other female entrepreneurs each week. This past week was particularly wonderful as she dived into not only listening to our intuition but also about taking chances and risks in life and our businesses. If you're thinking about starting a business or a veteran, this podcast is perfect for you!

2. This Girl Boss Means Business


Where do I even start with Carrie Green? I originally found Carrie's podcast through the Female Entrepreneurship Organization (I highly recommend everyone to become a member!). Each podcast is only 10-15 minutes long which is perfect for those that are incredibly busy and need their information/motivation in smaller bite-size pieces. Green offers great tips on how to keep growing your brand, focusing on goals, and continuous inspiration from other women in various media fields.

3. Stuff Mom Never Told You


Don't let this podcast's title deceive you. This podcast is definitely not your mother's unsolicited advise - quite the opposite actually. Stuff Your Mom Never Told You focuses on today's feminist issues which can range anywhere from historical topics to questions of, "Why can't women go topless in public?" Each podcast offers a highly researched topic that provides not just a women's perspective but a man's too. So if you're scared of two women ranting, this podcast is not that. Instead with each podcast you'll hear about a unique topic and how women from every field rule.

4. My Brother, My Brother and Me


This has to be my absolutely favorite podcast that can brighten my day! My Brother, My Brother and Me follows the McElroy brothers as they answer questions of advice from listeners and Yahoo answers. Each episode is absolutely hilarious and you may walk away with a gem or two of knowledge.

Side note - this podcast heavily curses so it's not the best for children!

5. Stuff You Missed in History Class

stuff you missed

Hello history buffs! If you love all things historical, this podcast is for you! Each episode covers either a person, place, or event in history and it's incredibly interesting. I even got P to listen to some episodes on the Brown vs. Board of Education and Loving vs. Virginia cases (Loving vs. Virginia is also notable due to its reference in the recent Supreme Court case)! This podcast helps turn off my brain in the evening and still pop some knowledge in there! There are literally hundreds of episodes so pick one at random and listen!

6. Serial 


I feel like this one is a given, who else doesn't love Serial? This riveting tale follows convicted killer Adnan Syed through the beginning of his story to almost to the end. This incredible tale will leave you asking each episode, "Did he really do it, or is he innocent?" I'm still not 100% convicted of my own feelings towards Adnan but this podcast is sure to keep you on your toes. The second season of Serial is due out this fall and I'm sure whatever story they pick will be just as thoroughly researched and exciting as the first.

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? Are there any that make you laugh, think, or inspire you? Let me know in the comments below! I'm always looking out for new podcasts to add to my playlist!