The Ultimate Travel Checklist

We are exactly one month away from leaving for the Dominican Republic and I am so excited! We have been planning this trip for almost a year now, ever since our friends got engaged last year. Although this is a destination wedding, we've extended our trip for the whole week. Which means not only do I need to pack for a standard vacation but also bring along any wedding attire. Talk about a full luggage! Let's hope P doesn't see all the clothes I'll be packing for this trip! 

To make things easier, I always like to make a little checklist of items to both bring on the plane with me and items to place in my checked bag. This makes the packing process much easier and a whole lot less complicated! Now I'm the crazy one that will seriously start planning all this in a month in advance and pack a week before we leave. I just don't want to forget anything! Thankfully we are staying at a resort for the week so minor things I forget can easily be replaced. 

Today I'm bringing you my ultimate travel check list that will cover everything you'll ever need to travel around the country or abroad! 

Now I've left off clothes and accessories to bring, But this ultimate travel checklist is the best guide for what to pack in your carry on and checked bag. Now I know that real estate is scarce in any suitcase or carry on! There are some items that I don't always carry with me on a trip but what you ultimately take on your trip is up to you! I always make sure to bring socks and a blanket (or at least my Turkish towel!) because I can't stand being cold on the plane. 

I hope you all have fun summer plans this year! Make sure to follow me as we travel to the Dominican Republic in just 3 short weeks! I am beyond excited and can't wait to celebrate my friend's wedding!

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