Travel Guide: The Ivey's Hotel

I'm so excited to share our latest adventure to Charlotte, NC on the blog today! I lived in Charlotte during my college years and have a fond place in my heart for Charlotte. It's an incredibly different place to Charleston but I welcome the change in pace and scenery when we go there. I was thrilled to be staying in one of Charlotte's premier, luxury boutique hotels during our time there, The Ivey's Hotel. The Ivey's Hotel is a relatively newcomer on the scene in Charlotte but I predict it'll become a new mainstay in Charlotte! 

The Ivey's Hotel isn't just any boutique hotel; it's building has actually been a part of Charlotte's downtown landscape since the early 1900's as home to the J.B. Ivey and Company Department Store. Since its extensive renovation, The Ivey's offers 42-rooms and also offers residencies within its property. Believe me, it was difficult not to sign a lease to stay on permanently in this majestic hotel!

As soon as you walk through the concierge offices, you're greeted by a wonderful team of staff that welcomes you into their home. Each and every staff member we had the pleasure of speaking with was gracious, kind, and above all, accommodating to our needs. Although we had few needs, it was an amazing experience to know that we were well taken care of by the staff. 

After receiving our key cards, we were amazed by the expansive and gorgeously decorated hallway that led to our hotel room. The purple and white carpet was so vibrant and colorful that I was tempted to not walk on it with my shoes on! Rather than feeling like we were in a standard hotel, The Ivey's Hotel take such care to make every detail memorable and beautifully decorated. Each doorway that led into a room made it feel like it was a private residence immediately upon reaching the threshold of the room. 

The interior of the room certainly didn't disappoint! The room was extremely gorgeous and has me wanting to immediately redecorate my own bedroom at home to match the luxury we experienced there. The beds were incredibly soft and lush with down bedding and the views of the city are immaculate! With tall sweeping windows, you can see all the action happening on Tryon Street as everyone rushes to work, restaurants, and after work happy hours. I loved just sitting by the window watching the world rush by before we joined them. 

You may be thinking, "if you're so close to the street, isn't it loud?" Amazingly, it was incredibly quiet in the room even with the car traffic and the people walking past the building. Even better, the location of the hotel is ideal for any traveler to Charlotte. It's walking distance to the Epicenter, where all the bars and clubs are located, various restaurants, bars, and attractions that I'll link to in another post. If you're staying in Charlotte, you'll want to be in a location like The Ivey's Hotel

If there's one thing I love in a hotel is a soft, comfortable robe! The decor in the room was just stunning. It was regal, simple, and lush all at the same time. They did an incredible job making the room feel incredibly luxurious. 

One of my favorite features of The Ivey's Hotel is their Library Lounge  and the new Sophia's Lounge. The Library Lounge, located off the second floor of the hotel, offers a secluded and quiet place for guests to rest during their stay. A wide array of breakfast items such as coffee, tea, pastries, and cold items can be found during morning hours and complimentary champagne and wine is served on certain evenings. This quiet retreat is ideal for those looking for a few moments of quiet before venturing out into the busy streets. We thoroughly enjoyed taking a moment after a crazy day of shooting to rest, recharge, and sip a delicious glass of wine. 

Sophia's Lounge is a new addition to They Ivey's Hotel and it's not to be missed! With an expansive bar and lots of lush seating, Sophia's Lounge is perfectly for grabbing a post-dinner cocktail with your significant other or girlfriends before going out into the city. Everywhere you turn there's art adorning the walls and magnificent custom chandeliers glittering throughout the bar. 

The steps leading down into Sophia's Lounge are truly breathtaking! The swooping staircase that descends into the bar make you feel as if you're stepping into a movie scene. 

Staying at The Ivey's Hotel is truly on my top locations for travelers. I've never experienced a more delightful and elegant hotel than at The Ivey's. I loved it's close walking proximity to some of my favorite restaurant and bars in the downtown area and how wonderful the staff is. Even better, if you're traveling with a pet, they are pet friendly! Shaka was with us during the stay and did a wonderful job of relaxing in the room while we were out exploring downtown. The staff were all incredibly dog friendly and she got plenty of attention (and treats!) during our stay with them. 

If you're planning a weekend getaway to Charlotte, NC, I highly recommend staying at The Ivey's Hotel! Make sure to keep a look out for our roundup guide to Charlotte for all the fun things to do, eat, and see during your stay! 

Location: The Ivey's Hotel 
Photography: Jennifer Collins