Travel Guide: Wrightsville Beach

Travel Guide: Wrightsville Beach Oh Wrightsville Beach, where do I even start? This is one of our absolute favorite places to visit when we get the chance. Today I'm going to showcase some of our favorite places to eat, relax, and let loose!

First up, food. I love doughnuts. Everyone knows this, especially P (who makes fun of me all the time) and I cannot resist a good lookin' doughnut and the Loops Homemade Doughnuts was no exception. To celebrate P's birthday on Monday (he's 27!) we bought doughnuts and coffee and ate them on the beach, a great way to start the birthday. I had a doughnut covered in fruit loops and P had a maple walnut one. And my god, they were delicious! It was tempting to go back and get a few more but I resisted. Barely.Loops Homemade Doughnut

Those doughnuts though, it was hard to stop at one!

Loops Homemade Doughnuts

Now I usually take a ton of photos on my trips, especially of food. But this time I  only took a few shots of things so I apologize for the severe lack of food! But trust me, you just cannot go wrong with the food in Wrightsville, even as a vegetarian. For lunch one day we stopped in at Epic Food Co., which offers many varieties of vegetarian food as well as the option to add in protein for the meat lovers. I opted for their Epic Taj Noodle Bowl and it was packed with lots of yummy seasonal veggies and pan seared tofu, yum! If you're craving burritos, then Tower7 is your place. Their burritos are so big you have to use silverware, you simply can't pick them up!


One of the best moments from our trip was seeing many old, and new, friends. P's friend from Hawaii was in town and it was so great to meet him in person (and have a few wild nights out together). Our daily routine comprised of waking up, grabbing a coffee, then walking the beach to check out the waves. We'd spend a few hours out on our boards, dry off in the sun, eat lunch, and do it all over again. It was a surreal experience to be bobbing around on our boards, look down, and be able to see the ocean floor. It was incredibly hard coming back to work and staring at a computer all day!

Wrightsville Beach

Our friend's gorgeous puppy, Khan. Can you believe he's only six months old?! He was so leggy and cute!

Wrightsville Beach

Taking a sunset cruise with some great friends (excuse the cheesin!)

Wrightsville Beach

A gorgeous sunset while cruising on the boat. The sunsets in Wrightsville were some of the best I've ever seen.

Wrightsville Beach

A quick picture of P and I

Wrightsville Beach

I'm in LOVE with my suit bottoms. They stayed up every day while surfing, plus, they have little beach bums on them!

Wrightsville Beach

That awkward moment when your dress matches a building..

I'm so happy that we went away to Wrightsville Beach, because P has been hitting the books extra hard now and this little vacation was exactly what we needed before that happened. The Bar is only a little over a month away and the stress is starting to kick in but I know that he's going to ace everything. If you're wondering where to go for a little vacation away where you don't need a car or many clothes, Wrightsville is the place to be. With white sand and crystal clear blue waters, it's like going to Jamaica but without the airfare!

Let me know your thoughts! Would you want to go to Wrightsville Beach (trust me, you do!)? Tell me in the comments below!