Trend Report: Gingham Style 


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c/o Pinterest 

Oppa Gangham Style! This week's trend report is all about gingham style. I've curated some of the best street style snaps from around the interwebs of the hottest gingham looks. Now I've got to be real, at first I wasn't the biggest fan of gingham and readers, I'll certainly never lie to you for the sake of fashion. But I have to say, it's grown on me. Maybe I averted it due to flashbacks of Dorothy getting lost in Oz but it's definitely growing on me. So much so I recently bought one last week! I especially love how fresh it is and can also be paired with leather (which is always my go to accessory).

Tell me your thoughts! Would you ever wear gingham style and how would you style it? I'm itching to wearing my new shirt with a a-line skirt this week. I'd love to wear my trusted leather jacket too but the weather is starting to heat up here in the Low Country! We certainly jump straight from winter to summer here!