Trend Report: Pineapple Everything!

Look at all this pineapple! I tell you what, I love a good pineapple dish and I love to wear it on my clothing too! Lately I've been in love with wearing bright and colorful prints, especially if they've got a fruit print. I absolutely love the MSGM skirt and the Asos pineapple blazer, both are perfect for the office! I'm really fortunate to work in such a laid back atmosphere so I can experiment with different clothing and prints every day (even though I'm wearing black pants and a peplum top today..)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! I'm really looking forward to an easier week at both work and home and taking the time to run more and relaxing in the evenings. I've taken to opening all my windows after work and lighting candles. It's making my studio smell so fresh and clean!

What do you think of the pineapple trend? Would you wear something like this and how? I'm looking forward to mixing up my work attire with some funky prints soon!