Ushering in Fall Style


Now that Hurricane Irma has blown over Charleston (ha ha) I can finally get back to my regular schedule and back on track! We're so thankful that Charleston didn't get hit nearly as hard as we were expecting but the city did see immense flooding, power outages, tornadoes (which is incredibly rare here!), and downed trees. Thankfully our apartment is very well insulated with hurricane proof windows so we hardly knew what was happening outside! It was nice spending the day indoors, watching the rain, and binge watching the new season of Ozarks. If you haven't watched it already, I highly recommend it! 


The good news about Hurricane Irma is that it finally brought fall weather to Charleston! It's still a little humid but nothing compared to what it has been recently. Our temperatures even dropped down to the low-80's and it feels amazing outside! You can actually go outdoors and not feel like you need to immediately shower when you come inside. 

I'm so glad that fall weather is here because I've been dying to break out these fabulous stripped palazzo pants! They're so chic and comfortable and they even look like a skirt! They're the perfect pair of pants to wear as the weather transisitions into something cooler. 


Although we're not totally into fall yet, I love how I can wear a simple black tank with this outfit and feel comfortable. Even if I go out at night, I just need a simple jacket and I feel warm again! I think we're still at least a month away from breaking out any kind of jackets around here! 

I've been packing up the apartment (only 2 weeks until closing!) and the first thing I packed was jackets, coats, and any kind of fall clothing. There's just no need to have them out until October which is such a nice feeling! 


We're going to be extremely busy over the coming weeks trying to get closed, packed, and settled into our new home. I cannot begin to share my excitement over how happy we are about this new adventure! I'm already working up some ideas and plans for our new home and I can't wait to share them all here on the blog! 

Wearing: Pants / Shoes / Bracelet / Purse

Photography: Nicole Mickle