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I'm so excited to share a travel guide to one of my favorite cities in the U.S., Washington D.C.! If you've never visited our nation's capitol, you're certainly missing out! From the wide array of international restaurants, delicious hidden treats, and gorgeous historical buildings. It's not hard to see what Washington D.C. is one of the top travel destinations for Americans and International travelers. I've rounded up some of my must see places and restaurants to try while you're in the area! 



Milk Bar

Located in the City Center of D.C., Milk Bar is hands down one of my favorite treats! Each time we go up to visit family, I always request that we make a special trip to City Center so that I can get a treat. It's cereal milk flavored ice cream and they take Captain Crunch cereal and crunch it up on the bottom of the cup, and surround the top of the ice cream with it as well. 

Y'all, it's heaven in a cup. 

It's all at once, sweet, crunchy, and a little bit salty. And it's terribly addicting! If you're a fan of cereal, you won't want to miss this sweet treat! 

Other restaurants that I love in Washington D.C. are: 

HipCityVeg - a restaurant renowned for their vegan / vegetarian dishes and a to die for vegan chicken sandwich! It'll rival any chicken sandwich and make you become a plant believer! 

Chinatown - each time I come to D.C., I always try to go elsewhere but I'm always pulled back to Chinatown. Skip the main street restaurants and instead head down an alley way or down some stairs to find some of the best, authentic dishes you've ever had. 

Agua 301 - if you're catching a game at the National's stadium this summer, stop in this very cool brewery before or after the game for a craft beer. I'm always astounded by this brewery and love it each time that we visit!

The Bullpen - another favorite around the stadium, this outdoor bar is made of nothing but old shipping containers. Fans will mull around drinking beer and eating hot dogs before entering into the stadium. It's a great way to mix with fans before the big game! 


Electronic Superhighway 

Electronic Superhighway 

National Museum of American Art

One of our traditions is to explore at least one museum while visiting D.C. This year we were able to visit two new museums and I came away awed with each painting we saw. 

The Electronic Superhighway has to be one of the most astounding pieces of art I've ever witnessed. Composed of televisions and technicolor lights, this custom structure encompasses what the artist believes the US to be through a passing car. Each state is represented on televisions by different films and commercials. 


National Portrait Gallery

If you've ever taken a look at our money, you've probably wondered where you could see the original paintings of our founding fathers. Well, wonder no more. The National Portrait Gallery is the resting place of many of our nation's most treasured portraits. It was an incredible experience seeing Benjamin Franklin and George Washington's portraits, along with Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Any history buff would be in heaven in the Portrait Gallery! 



We typically drive to D.C. / Maryland and I wouldn't want to travel any other way but in style or comfort. That's why we chose to travel in the Toyota Prius! Safe, comfortable, and spacious (even with our multitude of gifts!), the Prius was a dream to drive up to D.C. 


I'm usually nervous to drive in Washington D.C. but the Prius handled every turn and traffic situation like a charm! We were in love with the soft leather seats, XM radio (which made the drive all the better!), and Bluetooth handsfree options so that we could talk to our family free of distractions and play our favorite podcasts and playlists off of Spotify. 


The large touchscreen panel made it very easy to navigate and I loved being able to see a large map of the route we were driving! You wouldn't think of a Prius having such an edgy interior, but it does! I absolutely loved the all black interior and made it feel more like a sports car. 

If you're in for a long road trip (it's 10 hours just from Charleston!), the Prius is your go to car. The gas mileage was unbelievable! I couldn't believe how long a tank would last and how inexpensive it was to fill up at the gas station. 

We had such a wonderful time in Washington D.C. and I can't wait to make another trip up soon to see family! And of course, to eat more delicious Milk Bar ice cream! 

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, this article is sponsored by Toyota

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