What I'm Wearing: Perch Boutique

Perch Clothing

Wearing: Jumpsuit (Perch Boutique); Purse (Forever21); Jewelry (Theodosia Jewelry);

Shoes (Just Fab)

Tell me, what are your first thoughts when seeing this Lush black jumpsuit? Is it perhaps sophisticated? Classy? Or just plain gorgeous? Because if you said all three we'd be best friends right now. This jumpsuit is everything and MORE and I'm completely in love with it! I must be crazy about jumpsuits because I've worn one twice now on the blog! Because guess what? They're the hottest thing to wear this fall.

That's right! You heard me! Jumpsuits are the hottest thing for fall.

And you bet your cute little bottoms that you need to immediately go buy one.

Perch Clothing

This is my serious, "go buy a jumpsuit", face. Is it working yet?

Now I'm not always one for trends. They come, they go, but style will always remain. We know the old mantra. But after a few years now, it looks like jumpsuits are going to stay. And I'm totally fine with that. If anything, I want to wear a romper and jumpsuit everyday of the year.

Guess what's even better?

You totally can.

As we move away from these hot blistering days and into the cooler months, you can throw on a jacket for that ultra chic look (I'd personally choose my trusty leather jacket) or even better, you could throw on a HUGE fluffy sweater. That way you look amazing yet comfortable.

Perch Clothing

Look how wide those legs are! That's a diva body right there.

Now see, because I'm quite the petite little lady I usually spring for jumpsuits with a skinnier leg. This stunning black jumpsuit by Lush is the widest leg I've ever worn! And boy did I LOVE it. It flowed in the wind and made me look like a diva with my (faux) curves. Plus what really made me fall in love with this jumpsuit was the back and the sides:

Perch Clothing

Hello hot mama alert! Check out that exposed back and sides! Somebody call the police and the fireman cause this jumpsuit is on FIRE. I love how the exposure just really elevates this jumpsuit and makes you really go wow!

Perch Clothing

Plus can we talk a moment about Theodosia Jewelry? You've probably seen me on Instagram gushing over their pieces and how incredible they are. Basically I'm fan girling, and I'm fan girling hard. Each of their pieces are handcrafted and made here in Charleston and just make all of my outfits amazing. I love how they're meant to be layered and each piece compliments the other unlike any other designer I've ever seen. They do such an incredible job creating these pieces, it's no wonder I crush on them so much!

I absolutely love this jumpsuit and Perch Boutique and I highly encourage everyone to check them out. You can pick up a stunning black romper like this one as well as other bohemian style goodies for a great price!

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Is it something that you would wear? Tell me in the comments below!