What I'm Wearing: All Grey

What I'm Wearing: All GreyIt's no surprise that I love grey. It's one of my favorite colors to wear and can be both a fun and chic color to wear all at once. So I was obviously very enthusiastic to say yes when my favorite Charleston-based designDisplaying IMG_3051.JPGer, Versus Apparel, asked me again to wear their gorgeous clothes. I just couldn't say no.

What I'm Wearing: All GreyIn the past I've worn more of their leggings and sheer skirts and they haven't deviated far from that with their latest collection which features more sheer pockets and grey structured dresses.

It's a minimalist dream come true!

I've talked about it before how I'm starting to drift away from color and going back to grey, black, white, and soft neutral colors in my wardrobe and this dress is no exception. It's cool grey and mesh navy pockets go so well with my wardrobe. And the best part is, it's so versatile and I can wear it just about anywhere.

What I'm Wearing: All GreySo it's an obvious winner in my book.

I love all the small details on this dress that really make it special. From the sheer pockets to the small cutout design in the back, the dress is truly something special. The meaning behind the brand is something special as well, and can be seen printed on their label. I'm always proud to be wearing their clothes and love telling people that a local designer made it.

What I'm Wearing: All GreySaying it's a local designer means so much more than saying I'm wearing Burberry, Dolce, or Chloe. It means I support someone's dream, that I believe in their idea, and that I want them to succeed.

And maybe also because I can't afford Burberry but that's beside the point!

Now that Christmas is almost here we hear a lot about buy, buy, buy. Make all your family members happy with big brand names and trivial things. Of course I bought into it as well (hello $50 Kindle for P!) but I made more of a conscious effort this year to buy more local things. I always buy P's mom a handmade Charleston ornament and try to purchase the majority of my gifts from our marketplace. This year and throughout next year, I urge you all to buy local. Not just to support a local economy but to support someone's dream.

What I'm Wearing: All Grey

Wearing: Dress (Versus Apparel); Shoes (Call it Spring)

Support a local friend trying to sell their pottery. Support your local dreamers. Support their dream.

I'm proud to be a support of dreams and supporting Versus Apparel's dream of being Charleston next big designer.

We're off to DC next week and I'm taking a long, well deserved break from blogging during that time. I hope you all have the happiest, merriest, most wonderful of Christmases out there.