What I'm Wearing: Black and Blue 

Isn't a wonderful feeling being able to go outside in pants or is that just me? I love the cooler mornings we're experiencing right now. It makes me take a little longer to get out of bed and enjoy my coffee with P before getting ready for the day. The coming of fall makes me excited for what's next in life. What good things are coming in the final months of the year.

This is one of my go to outfits for the fall. It's chic, comfortable and best of all, it users my favorite colors: black, white and blue. As we move into the cooler months, it's got me reevaluating my wardrobe. Throughout the summer I tended to gravitate to brighter colors and fun prints. Now all I want to wear is darker hues and simpler patterns.     I love the simplicity of this outfit. Wearing: Jacket (Zara); Shirt (Forever 21); Pants (Urban Outfitters); Shoes (Call it Spring)

Photographer: J Walker Photography

I've started feeling like I need to get back to my roots of simple colors again. Believe it or not, I used to have a 'plain' wardrobe compared to Charleston wardrobes. I'd only wear muted colors and rarely, if ever, wore bright colors. It feels more 'me' to wear simpler clothes and not have a large closet full of clothes. Which is next to impossible as a fashion blogger! But I can have a large closet but just start being more selective with my clothes.

Do you have a clothing rule or a specific style of clothing you'll wear? What's your number one piece that makes you feel amazing? Tell me in the comments below!