What I'm Wearing: Black & White

I'm so excited to announce our newly vamped website! The layout still looks the same but we're going to be adding more of my personal style each week. Originally Paper Meets Pearl was built for showcasing my outfits but as we started developing the brand and working alongside other companies, that vision started to fade into the background. That doesn't mean I've completely stopped posting fashion posts, just that my own personal style posts were lagging. But that's ok! I've learned while working on PMP that sometimes, you've got to put some projects on hold while you develop other important sides to the brand. Doing so has enabled me to work with some fantastic brands and bring on new clients that I truly feel fit the PMP lifestyle. I've teamed up with a great local photographer, Michael Walker, to help with all my photos and I've got to say, he's amazing! I really feel like this move forward with outfit posts are really going to up our game here in Paper Meets Pearl! Check out my new favorite summer outfit below.

Black and White

Summer is definitely here in the Low Country and I've taken to wearing simple shifts and light color palates in my clothing lately. This black and white striped dress is a permanent fixture in my wardrobe right now. It's so light and airy, plus it looks great dressed up or down.

Black & White

I'm completely obsessed with this hat from Vestique. I wore it a few weeks ago in their Carolina Style x Vestique runway show (you can check out all the photos here!) and did not want to give it back! I'm fairly certain I'll be wearing this hat all summer long along with my new hat from Hallelu.

Black and White

Wearing: Hat (c/o Vestique); Dress (Bookstores & Broome); Shoes (Kenneth Cole)

What do you think of the new Paper Meets Pearl? Are you excited to see more outfit posts? Let me know in the comments below!