What I'm Wearing: Blue All Over

If there's one thing I love about cooler nights is the ability to wear pants again. Ok, so maybe it's still a little too hot to wear jeans and skin tight leggings but there's a better alternative: jumpsuits. I'm talking wide legs, breezy jumpsuits that fit close to your body but still allow ample air flow. Because let's be real here. Charleston is hot and I need clothing that looks and feels great.

Exalted Heights

Enter this fantastic navy blue jumpsuit with beaded neckline that takes any day from ok to wow! I love this jumpsuit because it highlights my waist but flows down my body to create a gorgeous hourglass shape (something I definitely don't have!). I'm absolutely in love with this blue jumpsuit from Exalted Heights, and what a great company to support too! All their clothing is made here in the U.S., and with an emphasis on family and style, you'll always look your best. The best part about this jumpsuit is that it's currently on sale for $32.00, that's a steal!

Exalted Heights

Another reason I love this jumpsuit is because of this great open back detail. It's just open enough to give your look something a little different (and another way to stay cool!). I'm always a fan of clothing that adds little details like this jumpsuit. It makes the piece more unique and up the wow factor. Trust me, you'll turn a couple of heads in this jumpsuit! Plus this little white purse from Forever21 is perfect for adding that extra pop of color.

Exalted Heights

Wearing: Jumpsuit (Exalted Heights); Purse (Forever21; Similar here); Earrings (Theodosia Jewelry)

One of my favorite parts of this outfit are these stunning diamond studded earrings from local jewelry designer Theodosia Jewelry. I was absolutely stunned we I first put on these earrings. They're so delicate and extremely beautiful! I love their unique starburst shape and how they emphasize the beaded necklace of the jumpsuit. Everything from Theodosia is designed and made in-house by an incredible team of people right here in Charleston. You can find more details on their website or see their pieces in stores like Hampden Clothing and II Brunettes.

As we begin to transition from summer to fall, I'm definitely going to be wearing more jumpsuits like this one from Exalted Heights. I can't wait to throw on a leather jacket with this for a night out!

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear a wide legged jumpsuit like this one? Tell me your thoughts below!