What I'm Wearing: Bold & Nude

Bold & Nude It's another scorching hot day here in Charleston. Wasn't I just saying how summer is almost here? Well now it is and the humidity is doing nothing for my hair! I love summer, I truly do, but living in Charleston during these hotter months definitely makes it harder to dress! Since I'm still on the No-Shopping May challenge, I've been obsessed with looking at linen clothing and skinny strapped dresses to purchase soon and maybe another giant hat to protect my face!

Bold & Nude

Can we talk about these side cut outs? Who says a little side skin isn't office appropriate!

Bold & NudeBold & Nude

I loved playing around in the foyer, P has such a good eye for photo shoots!

Bold & NudeBold & NudeBold & Nude

P has really helped me over the past few months really grow as a personal style blogger. I used to feel so shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, usually because I'm the one behind it. But over the past few months I've really gotten the hang of being photographed more and just having fun! I love all the great photos we take but those where I'm laughing or acting goofy are my favorite ones to put on here. Writing can only scratch the surface of what you're truly like. The remaining parts are shown through candid photos like the ones above.

What do you think of this dress and the outfit as a whole? If you're doing a little shopping right now, make sure to check out SheInside. You can purchase my dress here and it's on sale! Everything is amazing, I promise!

Have a wonderful Wednesday beauties! xo