What I'm Wearing: Eshakti

What I'm Wearing: Eshakti Hello winter! Has anyone else been freezing in Charleston or is it just me? It's definitely that time of year to bundle up and throw on extra clothes, especially one that aren't too constricting. Which is why I love this dress by Eshakti so much!

What I'm Wearing: EshaktiWhat I'm Wearing: Eshakti

Eshakti is a wonderful new collaborator with Paper Meets Pearl and I'm thrilled to partner with such a great brand. Built on the idea of work to party pieces that are both modest and flattering, Eshakti is great for those girls looking to invest in quality pieces. But don't think you're just getting a standard piece from them! Each piece is tailored to your body. I sent in my measurements when ordering the dress so it fits my petite body perfectly.

Try finding that in a store!

What I'm Wearing: Eshakti

The dress hugs my curves just so and leaves enough room so that I'm comfortable and can layer with my leather jacket. Since it's a deep burgandy color (love it!) it really pairs well with my favorite kitten heels from Zara. That leopard really looks fierce now!

What I'm Wearing: Eshakti

One of my favorite parts of this dress is the leather pockets. As you all know, leather is my thing and I love it on anything! The pockets are just a small detail but I love how it makes this dress more than a simple shift dress.

What I'm Wearing: Eshakti

Bye Felicia

Wearing: Dress (Eshakti); Shoes (Zara); Jacket (Off Saks); Purse (Forever21)

If you're like me and struggle to find clothing that fits petite bodies, or any body type, Eshakti is the perfect website to order from. The process is incredibly easy and shipping was extremely fast!

What do you think of this dress? Would you order from a made to order store? I highly recommend it!