What I'm Wearing: Florals

IMG_2101IMG_452521107-2IMG_452521108-3IMG_452521107-7IMG_452521107-4 Ok, so technically this isn't what I wore today but I got a little busy this week and didn't post when I was supposed to. Whoops! But that doesn't take away from this awesome outfit. Personally, this is probably my favorite outfit. It's got florals, an awesome vintage bag, and my favorite spring wedges. Plus, have you seen this house behind me? It matches my outfit perfect (I big shout out to P here for picking this house out)!

I originally bought this dress for my friend's wedding in Wrightsville two weeks ago and we all know how that ended. I'm so glad I got to see the wedding at least! But what I love about this particular piece is how I can wear it any where, not just weddings and work. It's easily a versatile piece which is what I try and do with all my clothes. Speaking of clothes, here's the latest of what I've purged from my closet as part of the No Shop May Challenge:

3 dresses 1 pair of pants 2 athletic pants 1 athletic jacket 2 pair of boots 4 shirts 1 purse

Not bad right? I definitely got caught up in the moment last weekend when purging. I originally planned on taking out one piece a week but the spirit took me and I ended up selling 14 items to a local consignment store. Score! This week will be a little harder as P's family is in town for his law school graduation and it's the first time our families are meeting. I'm so excited for this weekend and for our families to finally know one another! It's a big step for us and we're both happy it's happening.

Are you participating in the challenge? Tell me in the comments and what you've donated so far! Also, don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures!