What I'm Wearing: Lace Romper

Lace romper Happy Tuesday everyone! Now before you say anything, I know that it's after Labor Day and technically I shouldn't be wearing white. Well, rules were made to be broken and I'm too in love with this romper to just pack it away for fall! The long, delicate sleeves are perfect for keeping your warm when there's a chilly breeze and cool when it's still a hot day. This romper has been my go to these past few weeks especially since the days are hot but the nights are getting cooler. The other day I actually needed my leather jacket! But I can't complain because this is my favorite kind of weather and I've been dying for cooler days lately!

Lace romper

As the days start getting cooler I can easily throw on my favorite burgundy hat from Anthropologie and booties from Call it Spring to transport this look right into fall. Now, who's saying you can't wear white after Labor Day? This is such an easy and simple look but still incorporates that boho look that I fell in love with this summer. Now as we move into fall/winter I'm starting to get back into my old habit of wearing only blacks, greys, whites, and pale colors. There's something so beautiful about those colors and fall. Surprisingly enough, I used to wear only blacks, greys, and whites before I moved down to Charleston. It's living here that's started making me incorporate lighter colors and cuts of clothing. But I wouldn't necessarily say that's a bad thing! It's nice to get

Lace romper Who doesn't love a little lace bra showing?

Wearing: Romper (Style Exchange Couture); Shoes (Kenneth Cole); Jewelry (Lucky Brand)

Photographer: J Walker Photography

I'm excited to see what the coming fall months bring for us. P and I are looking into a bigger home and adopting a puppy into our home. I'm starting to make my happiness and relationship more of a priority and make work less of one. It's been a hard balance lately but I think as I start to readjust and re-prioritize things, I'll find more of a balance again.

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear white after Labor Day? Let me know in the comments! xo

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