What I'm Wearing: Lookbook Store

I'm finally back babes! I'm so happy to be posting outfit pictures again, having bronchitis really put a damper in my blog plans! But I'm back and better than ever! I'm so thrilled to feature the lovely company, Lookbook Store, on the blog today. I've been a big fan of their fast-fashion for a few years now. Their clothes are extremely durable, gorgeous, and affordable for all budgets - that's my kind of store! We've been having some weird weather here lately. I'm fairly certain Charleston isn't aware that it's actually November and not spring but we've been having 75 degree days which is amazing and I'm not complaining. Ok, technically I do have one complaint - it's really hard to get dressed in the morning. Before we reach 75 degrees it's about 50 degrees in the morning and it's hard to figure out what to wear every day so that I'm not too warm but not too cold either. Does anyone else struggle with this?What I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreWhat I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreWhat I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreWhat I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreThat's what I love so much about this outfit is the lightweight trench that I can throw over a simple shirt and skirt and I'm ready to go! Also, how cute is this green skirt? I'm obsessed with olive green these days and this one has become such a staple in my wardrobe. It's incredibly soft and I love the wrap look to it. Plus when it actually starts to get cold here, I can easily throw on tights and booties and take it into the winter months. As for now, I'll happily show off my legs until I have to put on more clothes.

Oh and these booties? I rarely take them off right now. Ok, like they're off when I shower and go to sleep but you feel me. They go with everything I own which is such a rare find!What I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreWhat I'm Wearing: Lookbook StoreWhat I'm Wearing: Lookbook Store

Wearing: Trench, skirt & backpack (Lookbook Store); Jewelry (Bijuju)

I think one of my favorite parts of this outfit, beside the cute clothes, is this backpack. I've worn it in other outfit posts and it's become my go-to whenever we run around Charleston. It's the perfect size and holds my notebook, iPad, and other miscellaneous things, plus I can bike around town easily with it on my back. If you're like me and prefer to bike around town but can't seem to find the right bag, this one is for you!

Since it's Thanksgiving week I'll be a little silent on here since we'll be with family all week. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to eat lots of yummy food and make new memories with your family. We'll be having a big Thanksgiving brunch instead of lunch this year and I'm so excited! What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!