What I'm Wearing: Menswear

IMG_1708 You know there's those Sundays where you wake up and just know, absolutely know, that it's going to be a lazy one? That's how yesterday was for P and I. We woke up slow, talk for a little while, and little by little as the sun creeped in, we began to wake up. I absolutely love Sundays like that. Instead of making breakfast that morning we decided to take advantage of the cooler morning and go for a long walk and wound up at the best breakfast place in town. It's called The Daily. It's a fairly new coffee shop that's just ever so far enough away from the hustle and bustle of King Street that you feel you're both apart of and away from everything. Perfect. From the Scandinavian Industrial decor to the delicious homemade food, we easily could have spent all morning in there. And so we did.

We munched on vegetarian tacos, homemade croissants, and avocado and tomato toast. Yum. The coffee was amazing and the juice was refreshing. Really this breakfast was made for slow mornings full of old stories, people watching, and slowly letting ourselves keep falling in love. Isn't that beautiful? I'm not always one for mush and romance, but it's moments like these were I'm hit with a considerable amount of love for P. He's truly wonderful.

But you didn't come to PMP to hear about romance and all that mush. You came for the clothes. Because The Daily is next door to Butcher and Bee and they've got some awesome murals. So I obviously had to snag a few pictures!


 I'm just plain cheesing in this photo!


See that blue shirt? It's P's. I LOVE stealing his shirts! Especially on lazy days like Sunday. What I love to do (and I'm dumb for not taking a picture. Sorry!) Is take the left side and wrap it around me as far as it'll go and do the same with the right side, then button one button to keep it all together and leave the rest untucked. Done!  Menswear is just so much fun to play with especially adding them to more neutral pieces like my favorite black jeans and newly made copper necklace.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!