What I'm Wearing: Office Wear

Office Wear, What to Wear to Work and Still Look Chic For those of us that do the ol' 9-5, there's no bigger struggle in the morning (aside from getting out of bed!) than choosing an outfit that's both work appropriate and let's your personal style shine through. Thankfully I work in a creative environment that allows me the freedom to dress how I choose. However, there's still that fine line I like to walk between office appropriate and weekend wear. For many of us, we just don't have that freedom especially if you work in a more corporate or conservative profession.

So what's a gal to do?

Office Wear, What to Wear and Still Look Chic

There are many options available for women now compared to where we were 20 years ago (hello shoulder pads and teased hair!) to keep stylish but professional. My favorite go-to, especially now that it's fall, are my high waist leggings and pairing it with a simple top and jacket. Thicker leggings like these are such a great staple to have in your closet because they pair easily with everything (and make you look amazing!) and create such a simple, sophisticated look.


Another key staple to keep in your office wear arsenal is a great pair of nude heels and a chic handbag. If you work in a conservative environment, a cute pair of shoes and handbag is an excellent way to still let your personality shine through (because you're brilliant like a diamond gorgeous!) and still look like the boss lady that you are.

Office Wear, What to Wear and Still Look Chic

Anytime that I'm struggling to get ready for work (which is like, every week basically) I immediately reach for these leggings and shoes because I know that whatever top and jewelry I pair with it, I'll always look chic and professional. What else could a girl ask for?

What are your staples for your office wear? Are there items in your closet that just make you feel like a boss lady? Which ones are they? Let me know in the comments!