What I'm Wearing: On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink As soon as I put on this dress, you could hear me across the store shout out to my girlfriend, "this is it!", and subsequently bust through the changing room doors and display myself like a princess. Because let's  be real, this dress with its sweetheart neckline and empire waist, just screams princess.

And that's exactly what I am when I'm wearing this dress.

So what do we do on Wednesdays? We wear pink! Yes, Karen, we certainly do wear pink. Especially pink clothes that resemble that sweet bubblegum pink color that just looks perfect on anyone.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

But seriously, this dress is the most flattering thing I've ever worn. It cinches in your waist and the fabric flows down your body creating this slick silhouette that can only be found in the pages of Vogue. I'm not even kidding! Once I stepped out of my dressing room (and stopped yelling Mean Girl quotes #shedoesn'tevengohere) I heard a round of gasps from my girlfriend and instantly knew that I appeared just as much of a princess as I felt.

This dress is perfect for date night, weddings, you name it! Hell, it's even perfect for posing in a field (because that's what bloggers do)! I can't wait to wear this dress with P on date night and really stun him. He says I'm beautiful in anything but I think this will be his favorite dress by far!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Channeling my inner Regina George face here #youcantsitwithus

Wearing: Dress, Kimono: 7 Gypsy 

Photographer: J Walker Photography 

One of my favorite things to do with powerful outfits like this is to keep my makeup and hair natural and add only a pop of color to pull it all together. My favorite orange tinted lipstick (By NP Set Cosmetics, it's seriously the best!) is the perfect accompaniment to this all over pink outfit.  I wonder if Regina George would agree?

Be looking for an exciting announcement this Thursday! I can barely contain my excitement but after all this waiting and working hard, I can finally see the finish line of one of my goals. It takes a long time of careful cultivation of your dreams to finally make them come true and I firmly believe that this new development will further my passions and creative ambitions. I've rambled on enough about it! I'm just so excited to finally tell everyone! Do you have any guesses what it might be?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! It's technically my Thursday as we are leaving immediately on Thursday night for D.C. and I'm so excited to see family and friends! I'm just not looking forward to the ten hour drive.. eek! If anyone has any good book recommendations, please send them my way!