What I'm Wearing: Printed All Over

Printed All Over There's something about full on print that can make some people shy away. "It's too overwhelming." "I'm too short to pull that off!" "I don't know how to wear it!" Not this girl! If there's one thing I love to wear, other than black and white, is just full on color. Throw me in a bright, printed, colorful dress and I'm the happiest chick around. I love this new printed dress 7 Gypsy! It's wonderfully soft, silky, and serves up a punch of color. Of course I immediately had to try it on!

The shape of this dress is really interesting. They did a wonderful job of combining a loose fitting top with a more fitted bottom. Now I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster but look! It totally doesn't! If anything, it makes you look slimmer and incredibly gorgeous. Plus come on, that ruffled bottom makes dancing around so much more fun!

Printed All Over

Working that fierce look!

The pattern of this dress is so unique as well. I love the various bright colors and shapes and how well it combines a bohemian style with a more chic look. Plus, hello tassels! If there's one thing I'm loving right now are tassels. Put it on a dress, earrings, or shoes, I'm all over it!

Printed All Over

A little close up action of the tassel earrings.

Now I'm usually not a big earring fan, especially those that are long, but I really love these tassel ones. Even though there are layers to them, they're incredibly lightweight and don't weigh down your ears like other earrings.

I know I keep saying that a lot of big things are happening over here at Paper Meets Pearl, but in the next month I can start sharing those details and I'm so excited!! I've had a lot of amazing meetings lately and things are starting to piece together. I'm truly over the moon with how things have been going since starting this blog last January. Not only have I made some amazing friendships but I've been introduced into a world I never thought possible.

You may hear a little radio silence from me this weekend, I'll be away in Hilton Head with P to celebrate being done with the SC Bar (he finished last night!!) and to see his family. I'm looking forward to turning off my phone and doing nothing but sitting on the beach and having some cocktails.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday and weekend! Tonight is our big Dollhouse Magazine launch show, so make sure to come out early and catch a fantastic runway show. We'll be featuring some of the hottest up and coming designers here in the Charleston area, it's not to be missed!