What I'm Wearing: Red Lace

Oh la la! Have you ever seen a more romantic dress? I adore this red lace dress so much and it makes me feel like a starlet ready for the red carpet! I recently wore this to a few holiday parties and it was such a hit! Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you have to pack away all your red and gold holiday dresses. If anything, this is the time to shine! January is still considered part of the 'holiday' season so let those beautiful red dresses out of your closet!

I've spoken recently about my goals for 2017 and one that I really want to push myself as a blogger this year is to try more unique fashions and push the envelope more. Now red during the winter isn't exactly ground breaking but since my preference is more muted colors and patterns, this dress is certainly pushing the envelope for me! But that's the beauty of new goals and resolutions, it allows you to push past last year's boundaries and explore a whole new world of possibilities.

For me, this red lace dress symbolizes everything that I want to be and accomplish in 2017. Bold, new, different, and ever evolving. Last year was incredibly difficult for a number of reasons and this year I'm ready to face things with a renewed positivity and this dress encapsulates that.

I can't wait to wear this dress for other fun functions like Valentine's Day and wedding parties. I can't believe that our year is already jam packed with weddings, engagement parties, and all sorts of fun things. This dress is certainly going to make an appearance at a number of those functions.

Walking straight into 2017 with a smile.

Wearing: Dress (Zaful) // Shoes (BCBG) // Purse (Zaful) // Sunglasses (Zaful)

Photography: Jennifer Collins

I truly feel like this year is going to be different and I cannot wait to share it with each and every single one of my readers. So find that one item in your closet that makes you feel like a badass superstar, shake it off, and wear it any time you feel like this year is starting to feel like a drag. For me, it'll be this stunning red lace dress. And every time I wear it, I know that whatever the day may bring, I can tackle it head first!

What's the one item in your closet that makes you feel like a rockstar? Let me know in the comments!