What I'm Wearing: Stripes

What I'm Wearing: Stripes It's finally happened. Winter is no longer coming, it's finally here and boy was I not ready. I should have seen it coming, the signs were all there. But no, I blissfully ignored every sign, every cold night, and kept thinking, "winter in Charleston is the best!".

Well, until I went to D.C. and it was cold. Like I need every kind of layer imaginable to live cold.

All of P's family made fun of me, but I'm a Southern girl! We don't do cold!

So to warm myself up I dug into my suitcase for my favorite winter dress. My stripe dress from Zara that makes me feel like the queen that I am.

So take that Beyonce.

What I'm Wearing: Stripes

I love this entire outfit so much. You know that one item in your closet that you save for a rainy, bad luck kind of day but turns it all around? Yeah, that's this dress. Stripes are one of my favorite things to wear because it looks flattering on everyone and incredibly chic too.

So it's a winner for me. Which is why I have 3 stripped dresses of various lengths in my closet. It's such an easy dress to well, dress up, for any occasion. We happened to be in Ellicott City, Maryland for a family function and this dress made such a splash. As we left, and if you've never been to Ellicott City I highly recommend it, we stopped in at the Ellicott Mills Brewery and had a fantastic selection of their beer.

Then we bought a keg of it.

We loved it that much!

What I'm Wearing: Stripes

Wearing: Dress (Zara); Jacket (Off Saks 5th Ave.); Shoes (Call it Spring)

We had a wonderful time in D.C. and Maryland but I'm glad to be back home and working. Weird how things change like that later in life! I'm really taking things seriously this year when it comes to my work, personal life, and blog so expect big changes! In case you're wanting to make some serious blogging goals and stick to them, check out my post here about blogging goals plus a free worksheet!

How sweet is that?