What I'm Wearing: Weekend Wear

150628_Kelly_0160 Hello Weekend! Can you already believe that it's Friday, because I can't. This week has rushed by in such a blur. So much has happened that I can't wrap my head around it! Plus I have so much more happening that I'm just in a constant state of disbelief.

But right now, I'm putting all that in my back pocket for the weekend because I need some serious mental relief! The only plans I have for the weekend is some much needed yoga time (I have to dust off my mat first..Whoops!), a dip in the ocean, and immerse myself in my book. It's seriously taken me almost a month to read this one book!


Wearing: Top (Everly); Shorts (Vestique); Shoes (Just Fab); Bracelet (Lucky)

Photography by: J Walker Photography 

With the weekend comes my favorite kind of clothes to break out of the closet: shorts and a tank. Typically for my job, even though it's fairly liberal with its dress code, I have to wear more professional dresses and tops. So on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is zip myself up in a shift dress (although I do love a good shift) and strap on some fancy high heels.

The weekend for me means throwing on my favorite vegan leather shorts from Vestique (which by the way, they're on sale for $15 right now!) and a flowey top that looks chic but lets in plenty of air while walking around downtown! There is nothing worse than wearing tight clothes in the summer. That just invites sweat to appear in weird places. Throw on some bracelets and you've got yourself one bangin outfit that's perfect for any hot day.

I'm still so thrilled at the positive response we've been getting lately since we announced more personal style outfits! I owe it all to my wonderful photographer and friend, J Walker Photography. Seriously, if you need any portraits, weddings, or photo shoots, he's the man to contact! We'll be shooting more wonderful outfits this weekend plus a very special post next week! So stay tuned everybody!

What are your plans for the weekend? It's going to be another hot one! My recommendation is to stay close by the pool or ocean with a delicious cocktail (and bottles of water) on hand. Let me know in the comments below lovelies!