Why You Should Spring Clean Your Phone


Now that fall is coming in, it's around this time that I start cleaning up my home, closet, car, and phone. Yes, even my phone gets a seriously good cleaning a couple times of year. I'm not just talking about cleaning the screen (which BTW, you should do that a few times a week), I'm talking about digitally cleaning up your phone! I'm going to show you four really easy ways to digitally clean and organize your phone to save space on your phone and make your life easier! 

1. Back It Up

Backing up your phone is incredibly important. Everyone knows that if something goes wrong, you can say goodbye to all your wonderful pictures, contacts, and text messages. Not to mention apps and other important notes! I like to back up my phone once a month but during our digital cleaning, if you haven't done so, I highly recommend it!

Now during the digital cleanup, make sure you back up all your photos to a cloud based software. For me, I like to use Amazon Prime's photos. We have Amazon Prime and it's one of the many benefits of the membership. It allows for unlimited storage which is incredibly important for me. I like to take pictures of every day life, objects that I love, and pictures of my family and friends. Including some silly selfies with P! So before we do any deep cleaning on your phone, back it up!!

After I back up my photos on Amazon Prime, I like to then delete any photos and videos that I don't like to look at repeatedly or show others, I'll delete them. I like to keep only about 200 photos on my phone at a time. 

2. Use It or Toss It

I'm very guilty of hording apps. I find one that I love, use it for a day or two, and then immediately forget about it. I've had some apps on my phone for ages that I can't remember why I downloaded it in the first place! Apps can take up some serious real estate on your phone so start going through and see what you use. If there are any apps on there that you don't absolutely love, have to have, or even use, toss it. 

3. Group It

Some of you may not know but I'm a huge organizer. I like everything to be neat and tidy and I live by lists. Keep your phone happy and organized by grouping all of your apps into little bubbles. Don't know how to group apps? It's super easy! 

Go to your Home screen. 

Touch an app until it causes all the apps to start shaking. 

Drag one of the apps onto the other. This will cause your phone to create a folder where you can name it. I like to group mine by topics. So all photo editing apps and Instagram go into one folder called Photos. All of my other social media apps go into one called Social. 

Repeat this step until everything is grouped into folders. 

Press the Home button to save your changes. 

I love having everything into folders because I can easily find everything and not have to swipe through endless pages looking for one particular app. 

4. Clean Your Screen!

Y'all, I cannot begin to explain the amount of germs and bacteria that lives on your screen. It's seriously gross. And no, wiping it on your shirt it's considered cleaning it. Keep your phone germ free and your face too, by cleaning it regularly! I like to use a small cleaning solution on my screen each week. 

If you need an extra reason to clean your screen, it's been linked to acne and just no thanks. 

Do you digitally clean your phone often? What are your tips? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

Photography: Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash