Why You Should Start a Photo Album

I've been toying with starting a photo album for over a year now. Like many my age, I've never given a lot of thought of physically owning a photo album because, duh, we have our phones now with unlimited storage possibilities! Having a photo album just sounds like it takes up a lot of time and space in our home. 

Well, I was wrong. 

Recently I've become a convert of photo albums and how they can make those precious memories that we capture every day on our phones even more meaningful. There's something so special about having a physical photo in hand that makes forgotten memories rush back to you. 

it's magical, y'all. 

I'm so excited to share with you today why you should start a photo album and I've got a special treat for you as well! 

1. Your Photos Deserve to Live Outside Your Phone

Yes, our phones are magical and wonderful and have endless storage options. But isn't even more magical to sit down with family and friends and pour over a photo album? Some of my best memories are sitting with family and laughing at how ridiculous we looked 20 years ago (or even 10 years ago!). It makes all these stories reappear that you'd forgotten about over time. 

2. You Can Do it in Your Own Style!

Photo albums are great because you can do it in your own way! If you want a photo album just dedicated to your travels, family, dog, just do it! You can decorate the pages, write things down, just do whatever! 

3. Record Stories

For me, I really love for my photo album to tell a story. Each picture flows into the next and retells what has happened in the past year. It's also a way for me to record the who/what/when/where of the memories because I don't want to forget such important details. I'd hate to look at a picture 20 years from now and wonder who that was I was with and where we were. It's so important to capture all those details!

4. You'll Feel Thankful

I felt incredibly thankful and peaceful when I was putting together my photo album. It made me realize that my life is made up of so many wonderful, incredible people that have encouraged and supported me through so much. From P and his ever relentless support to our friends that make life so wonderful. Photos have this amazing power to center us and make us remember how amazing things are. 

5. Bring Out Your Inner Zen

I didn't really anticipate to feel calm while putting together my photo album, but I did! P was tinkering on his bike, there was soft music playing, and all just felt totally right in the world. Creating a photo album helps you focus on one task and it was incredibly calming to my mind and soul to focus on that one task. 

Photo albums are such a great way to remember all that is good in your world and help you reconnect with those lost memories. I highly recommend starting a photo album! There's no reason to get started! 

How to Start Your Own Photo Album!

Order Your Prints!

Remember when I said I had a fun surprise for y'all? Well, I do! You can print your first 25 pictures on glossy, Instagram squares from Printiki! I love my photos and how beautifully they turned out. 

Get a Cute Album

Nothing quite gets me excited for a project than a cute product! I love my marble paper album from Target. They have a wonderful selection of photo albums and I love how it's paper and I can write and draw all over the pages! You can find other great albums for a reasonable price at places like Marshall's, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby!

Get Crafty! 

Instead of gluing the photos down, I wanted to use some pretty gold tape instead. I like how it gives it an extra luxe feel to the paper! It's up to you how you want to place your photos so let the creativity flow! If you need some inspiration, Printiki's Instagram is full of inspirational posts that'll get your creativity flowing! 

Have you ever started a photo album? I'd love to hear all about yours and your process in the comments below!