There’s obviously a lot of things to consider when choosing a blog name, which could very well turn into your online business. Not only does the name need to be a representation of what you’re offering, it also needs to be a domain name that people can remember when they inevitably lose your business card (I’m guilty of this all the time!).


Oh Instagram. How do I count the ways that I love you? It’s no secret that Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms for a number of reasons! I love how easy it is to use, the wonderful photos that people publish, and the extensive network that I’ve created over the past few years as enabled me to connect with some seriously talented folks. We’ve talked before about how to use Instagram for business purposes and how to really grow your Instagram account, but we haven’t touched on one really critical piece of this puzzle.


Today in Blogging 101 we’re going to talk about the next big thing for your blog. Blog content! We talked last week about the importance of blogging consistently and how it can help grow your blog. So you’re motivated, ready to go, but how do you come up with content so you can blog consistently? We each have our own method and ways of doing so but I’m going to let you in on my personal method.


Congratulations! You’re here either because you’ve started a blog or you’ve been blogging for a while and seeing little to no results. First off, don’t worry. Blogging can be an incredibly challenging task and feel like such a drain after you work all day, handle the kids/errands/daily responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is spend even more time in front of the computer!


how to grow your business using instagram busines

Have you heard the good news? Instagram has finally allowed its users to use analytics and see their posts’ reach and engagement much like Facebook and Twitter analytics. I personally am very excited for this new update to my favorite social media app! 



how to drive traffic using instagram

As a blogger, utilizing social media to drive traffic to your blog is a major way to not only attract attention but grow your following. Sometimes though, those pretty images you’re posting just aren’t enough. Today I’m going to show you how some simple changes can start making your Instagram followers convert over to blog readers.