master bedroom reveal

I'm so excited to share the newest installment in our home reveal series, our master bedroom! Our master bedroom was one of the rooms that was both excited a little nervous about decorating. It's a much larger space than we've ever had for a bedroom, thanks to living in one-bedroom or studio apartments for the last three years. 


I am so excited to finally share the first room since we've moved into our new home! I can't believe that it's only been a month since we closed on our little cottage and so much has changed in the first month. I'm one of those people that likes to stay up late and have the entire home unpacked, painted, and decorated all within a week. 


Fall is right around the corner which means we're getting closer to one of the best holidays of the year, Halloween! Nothing gets me more excited than throwing a big Halloween party with my friends each year. Now that we are settling into the new house, all I want to do is throw parties and celebrate with my loved ones! 


There’s one thing that I’ve collected over the years and have always struggled to display is my record collection. I’ve been collecting records since I was 16 years old and it was essentially love at first sight! The cover designs are always unique and colorful, the quality of sound is unlike anything we hear now, and I just love listening to my records on rainy nights. 

ikea hack: hanging light 

Now that we’re finally settled in our new home, I can finally tackle some much needed DIY projects to really turn this house into a home! The first thing on my list was to find a chic yet practical way to incorporate more lamps into our bedroom. I’m a firm believer in less is more, especially in the bedroom.

diy breakfast tray

I personally love spending long mornings, when I can, reading or working in bed as I sip my coffee. I feel like I get my best ideas first thing in the morning as I perusing other inspiration sites, Pinterest, and the beautiful images I see on Instagram. 

25 wall hanging ideas

Do you ever look at your walls and just go, “Man, I’m so bored with you”? If so, let’s fix that and turn our walls into another cherished part of your home! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite 25 creative DIY wall art ideas below. The best part all of them are incredibly simple and can be completed in a day.