If there's one thing that I picky about is my skincare regime. I'm almost obsessive over the amount of care that I take in my face and making sure that my skin is healthy, clear, and more importantly, that I'm not using products that make my face worse! As a whole, the beauty industry has backed away from creating products that have terrible ingredients like Parabens and acidic products which is wonderful! My skin is pretty sensitive to products that use a lot of acidic based products and I used to break out all the time! 


Over the past year I've been thinking more about the importance of eating mindfully. What exactly is eating mindfully?

Eating mindfully is all about putting more importance on what we put into our bodies everyday. It's about not just eating because we're bored but eating because our body's need nourishment in order to live. This isn't a cut all sugar/carb/alcohol diet. It's about putting more purpose into that bite of food.


Now that I'm back to working out 3 times a week, my body is super sore! I'm still running but I've started adding in light weightlifting to keep my arms toned and abs looking their best. But with lifting weights (and I'm talking max 10 pound weights y'all) my arms are sore!! P has seriously been kicking my butt in the gym recently and I love it! But after a good workout, I evidently end up sore the next day. Thankfully there are some simple ways to prevent soreness!


Now that fall is coming in, it's around this time that I start cleaning up my home, closet, car, and phone. Yes, even my phone gets a seriously good cleaning a couple times of year. I'm not just talking about cleaning the screen (which BTW, you should do that a few times a week), I'm talking about digitally cleaning up your phone! I'm going to show you four really easy ways to digitally clean and organize your phone to save space on your phone and make your life easier! 

Congrats! You've moved to a new city! Whether it's for a job, your family, or you've moved to a new city with your significant other, moving is a fun/weird/challenging time. Take it from a girl that moved every single year when she was growing up until high school.